Opted Out Planner

Start building your list

Write new e-book(s)

Create a course

Teach less…. Make more?

but then you got busy.

Five skype lessons a day made your glorious ideas evaporate. Then life caught up with you and you forgot where exactly you wrote those ideas down, if you ever did.

Now you’re at the end of the year, reading stories from “guru” entrepreneurs, wondering whether your idea casting is somehow flawed. I mean, how come those people get it right? And when will you figure this online teaching out?

Ideas can feed our minds and tease our imagination.

But ideas can be deceptively misleading.

Unless written down, they never materialize.

Ideas don’t bring in clients. They don’t grow your influence. Nor impact your income.

Unless written down, thought through, announced to self and put into action, ideas take our time and give no return.

We have created the Opted Out Planner for Smart Online Teachers and Coaches to prevent you from spending yet another year at the graveyard of your brightest ideas that never became a reality.
We can hear you: But why this planner? I’ve got a few calendars already!

This is the first planner for online teachers and coaches who want to work smarter, not harder, and make their dreams come true.

Peek inside:

generous white space

monthly intention setting and reflection questions

the planner is undated; you can start anytime

the financial planner

weekly time blocking… and there’s more inside!

The Planner was developed by online teachers/coaches and customized for the online teaching industry to help you transition from the mindset of a freelancer who relies on luck and change to that of a smart online business owner so you can:

✪ Stop acting reactively

✪ Gain momentum

✪ Actively focus on business growth

✪ Become clear on where the effort (and money) has to go to work smarter

✪ Let go of bootstrapping and penny-pinching and conquer your money fears

✪ Collaborate with other business owners

✪ Make time for creativity, self-care, and personal growth

✪ Build a business and lifestyle based on your values

We are ← Elena Mutonono and Veronika Palovska, →

the authors of Opted Out of the *Real Job.* We coach clients, create programs, support communities, design websites, write books, and run businesses.

Also, we love languages, books, journals, color pencils, theater, music, good food, friends, dogs, family, and fun.

At the end of 2016, we created the first Opted Out Planner. We built it for our community of online teachers and coaches (and for ourselves!) and included everything we couldn’t find in other small business planners. After two years of using the Planner and collecting feedback and ideas, we’re proud to present the thrid, all-new version: Opted Out Planner, 2019 edition. 

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