Opted Out of the *Real Job*

by Elena Mutonono & Veronika Palovska

Your guide to creating a small, smart and sustainable online teaching business.

Nuggets of gold… This book is a refreshing read for creative teachers and coaches who are struggling with finding their footing in the online space. Elena and Veronika are keenly aware of the balancing act needed to navigate entrepreneurship and at the same time staying true to the message teachers want to share with their community and students. If you’re a creative teacher trying to build a platform online, this book will give you plenty to think about.

Meera Kothand, the writer of a best-seller One-Hour Content Plan

What’s inside:


Chapter 1:

Rewire your mindset to think like a business owner

Chapter 2:

Discover your niche

Chapter 3:

Make a mark on social media

Chapter 4:

Build a blog that matters

Chapter 5:

Craft a website that works for you

Chapter 6:

Develop an outstanding personal brand

Chapter 7:

Detect your ideal client

Chapter 8:

Hack your pricing (hint: it’s not about money)

Chapter 9:

Get your first clients online

Chapter 10:

Find money to invest in yourself

Chapter 11:

Create a small and actionable online course

Chapter 12:

Delegate to work smarter

Opted Out of the *Real Job* is a map to help you on your online teaching journey. It will help you save months and years of “figuring things out” on your own, and will challenge you to think like a business owner, not just a teacher, hired by some Internet company to exchange your hours for peanuts.

The book tracks our journey from the start, cuts down on overwhelm and brings clarity and focus into your Opted Out life so you can work smarter, create a small business with a big mission, impact your fans with the message of change and support your dreams of living a life on your own terms.

If you want to turn your expertise into a well-mapped-out business that creates meaningful and transformative art, this book is for you.

Pssst – the book comes with a printable journal (78-page PDF, you’ll find the link to download it inside the Kindle book) to help you dream, write, mind-map, and draw your way to an Opted Out life: 

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